We will show you how to introduce Zero Trust as a security maxim in your company, thus achieving maximum control over identities and end devices.

Zero Trust Security

Maximum productivity of your teams comes with maximum freedom in their choice of tools. Zero Trust is ideal as a method if you want to have full control over identities, endpoints and networks. This allows you to open your intranet to your customers so you can interact with them more directly. This builds trust for everyone. Reduce the attack surface on your business, automate responses to potential threats and scale your core business without worrying about security.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection is one of the core elements of Zero Trust. We help you detect complex threats and show you how to protect your devices on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Secure responses even to ransomware and general risk mitigation with Defender for Endpoint to keep your security officers off your back. The solution is delivered at cloud scale with built-in AI based on Microsoft's unique Threat Intelligence. This monitors all endpoints on the network, including the routers they connect to.

Securing Identities

Let us show you how to properly implement identity discovery and management with Microsoft. To protect critical resources with strong authentication, adaptive access policies managed through Azure AD can help. We want to ensure a seamless user experience for your teams and partners through single sign on, while still giving them access to just the files they really need. So it's also easy to give your partners approvals directly for selected parts of your intranet to enable a direct dialog.