Digital App & Innovation

MS Digital App & Innovation

Offering scalable innovative solutions on Azure, whether native or web application, is also part of Trans4mation's core portfolio. Our development teams work closely with both basic research and industry. Germany is a center of innovation and Dresden, with its Silicon Saxony and excellent research institutions, is ideal for creating solutions for the economic and social challenges of tomorrow.

Custom Apps

Are you looking for support in implementing cloud-based or native applications for your business? We provide development, training and feedback on your concept or prototype. The ability to deliver differentiated and flexible customer experiences, improve teamwork and well-being, and adapt and scale new business processes and ways of working will determine the success of your business.

Azure DevOps

With modern development services, you can plan better, collaborate more easily in a team, and deliver your code faster. Azure Boards helps your teams plan and track their projects. You control the deployment for all platforms with Pipelines. Of course, you always have expert support via Azure Repos throughout the entire lifecycle of the product, with the seamless link to Github. Many other tools are available in this product family to help you streamline your product development lifecycle holistically and individually. Use all DevOps services or select those services that perfectly complement your existing workflows. Just contact us.

Power Apps

Create your own web applications for mobile and desktop with low-code Power Apps that make your business easier. Empower your specialist teams to become citizen developers who can build software solutions for their core business without in-depth programming knowledge. You'll increase commitment, actively invest in further training, and reduce development costs to a minimum.